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My name is Svetlomir, which translated from Bulgarian means ‘Light and Peace’ and I was born in the small town of Ruse in Bulgaria. Currently, I live and work in the city of Titanic - Southampton, Hampshire. In my day to day job,  I am one of the Assistant Coordinators of Solent Creatives, which is part of Solent University.

People usually know me by the name Sio or Svetlio and recognise me by my bright and energetic personality along with my dimple on the right cheek.  My passion for photography and image making developed in my teen years, when I received my first camera from my parents. This is when I started asking my friends to come over to test my camera and experiment creatively.

I graduated from Solent University with BA (Hons) Media Culture and Production in 2013. During my first year at university, I took part in JustProud's International fashion contest where I ended up taking the 4th place. In the early beginning of 2015, I was also recognised by VSCO and received another scholarship for Aspiring photographers

Photography allows me to establish relationships and discover people's character through a different level of communication - visual. I experience excitement and deep satisfaction in knowing that I have managed to capture and share your life stories with the world. My style focuses on storytelling that is natural, beautiful and moving,  with emphasis on your goals. At the moment, I am expanding my own publicity by creating more imagery. Since Spring, 2016, I have taken the lead of Stark Magazine as their Creative Director and Public Relations Coordinator. 

I am always available for collaborations and commissions, please see the contact details. No project is less important and every question matters to me and I would love to be of help to you throughout this journey.

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

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